September 27, 2012

a little dedication to my new tshirt form the men's section
2378641_IMG_0037 (700x481, 339Kb)

2378641_IMG_0039 (700x520, 316Kb)2378641_IMG_0021 (700x497, 329Kb)2378641_IMG_0026 (700x477, 321Kb)

2378641_IMG_0005 (700x485, 230Kb)

September 26, 2012

foolin around and getting cold more and more every day ((

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2378641_IMG_4164 (700x497, 198Kb)2378641_IMG_4175 (700x547, 215Kb)2378641_IMG_4218 (700x525, 182Kb)2378641_IMG_4210 (700x452, 171Kb)2378641_IMG_4222 (700x525, 285Kb)

i have a perfect idea for the tattoo, but unfortunately bf doesnt let me do it. sooo i have two options: break up and run as fast as i can to make it ooor get married and make it, so he can say nothing (maybe be angry a little and thats all). as one does not simply get divorced because of the tattoo XD i'm fool.