January 31, 2013

b/w mood

September 27, 2012

a little dedication to my new tshirt form the men's section
2378641_IMG_0037 (700x481, 339Kb)

2378641_IMG_0039 (700x520, 316Kb)2378641_IMG_0021 (700x497, 329Kb)2378641_IMG_0026 (700x477, 321Kb)

2378641_IMG_0005 (700x485, 230Kb)

September 26, 2012

foolin around and getting cold more and more every day ((

2378641_IMG_4149 (700x506, 316Kb)

2378641_IMG_4164 (700x497, 198Kb)2378641_IMG_4175 (700x547, 215Kb)2378641_IMG_4218 (700x525, 182Kb)2378641_IMG_4210 (700x452, 171Kb)2378641_IMG_4222 (700x525, 285Kb)

i have a perfect idea for the tattoo, but unfortunately bf doesnt let me do it. sooo i have two options: break up and run as fast as i can to make it ooor get married and make it, so he can say nothing (maybe be angry a little and thats all). as one does not simply get divorced because of the tattoo XD i'm fool.

August 6, 2012

vacation time is over. so many emotions, so many happy days and nice people around. i was enjoying every second, even though i was learning to drive almost all the time, anyways it was good. and of course special big thanks to weather (+34 wooohoo). but now.. back to life, girl 

 miss my babylove so much ❥
 see you next time, motherland

June 20, 2012

super excited about upcoming vacation, the year was tough and emotionally exhausting. looking forward to cleaning up my head under the sun.

airplane outfit

5 days and i'm home !!

April 3, 2012

pink mood today. absolutely empty head. spring.

February 1, 2012

i was kinda moved by snow to finally take a camera and make some photos, it's so cold that i don't even want to step out of the bed, but there's so much stuff to do.. ooooh vacatiooon, come faster !! )

i like the hole on the back of this cardigan, nice idea

aand the silver-effect, sweeeet

i fell into childhood <3